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For Veterans

Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies is a program of AllenForce that is growing nationwide and offered free of charge to qualified veterans. Each facility and fitness professional complete specific training on veteran culture, PTSD, MST, injuries and illness specific to veterans and adaptive equipment. This program provides veterans:

  • Two, 1 year free memberships at a licensed HMHB facility
  • Up to 15 free personal training sessions with a licensed HMHB trainer
  • Monthly Networking Events

Veterans of all eras qualify if they meet the following criteria:

  • 10% or higher disability rating or non service connected permanent injury or chronic illness
  • Honorable, medical, or general discharge

How Do I Join?

Veterans: contact AllenForce or your closest HMHB facility to set up a meeting.

How Do I Qualify?

To qualify for this program at a licensed facility (see HMHB FACILITIES page) you must show proof of service and proof of a permanent injury or chronic illness. Qualifying Proof:

  • DD214-honorable character of service
  • VA ID Card
  • Military ID Card (if still active duty)
  • VA disability letter showing a service connection (10% or higher)
  • Prescription from Primary Care Physician or Psychiatrist/Therapist

How Do I Benefit?

Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies is designed as a full program, not just a fitness membership. The purpose of joining this program is to reach your health and fitness goals. You will have professional guidance to set you up on a safe fitness routine and a successful path to reach your goals. Your commitment to HMHB is 2-3 days per week (or more) for your training sessions and/or solo work. We all know that health and fitness is not achieved only attending once a month! You are setting and developing new healthy habits, or continuing on a healthy path. You will accomplish your goals if you commit and there will be many opportunities to learn about total health!

The Veteran Commitment:

  • Set healthy mind and body goals.
  • Work out with your HMHB Trainer or solo 2-3 days per week.
  • Attend a minimum of 5 out of 12 Monthly Networking Events.
  • Provide feedback to your HMHB coordinator for any ideas/improvements to the program. Spread the word to your comrades who may also benefit!
  • Work the program to your fullest – you will not benefit without putting in the work! WE ARE HERE TO GUIDE AND SUPPORT YOU!

Veteran Testimonials

My name is Luis A. Flores and I live in Westchester, Illinois. I once was an Army National Guard enlisted soldier; my highest rank achieved was E5 which is Sergeant. I have 10 years in service--six of those years were spent as Army National Guard while the rest were spent on National Guard Active Duty. I was called for duty on the 2nd of February 2002 and I returned in July 2003. While on duty, I sustained multiple injuries that impaired my ability to function as a normal civilian person and are as follow: Plantar fasciitis tendinitis and arthritis on left foot, an after injury on my right knee, broken right hand, injured left shoulder and left lower back, PTSD/TBI, sleep apnea, tennis elbow and nine surgeries on my body. The goal I set at joining HMHB I have almost achieved which was to lose two hundred and sixty pounds. I say almost because I only am only at two hundred and ten but still working on it. All I can say is I’m glad to participate in this organization – they saved my life. And not only is working out great but also attending the awesome events that Ms. Donna puts together like rock climbing, cooking, tiki boat, scuba diving, rugby, ice hockey--there have been so many I lost count. Right now I’m leaving to go to the gym and every month I look forward for the next event.

Luis Flores-E5

Being asked to write about my experience with HMHB gives me great pleasure. Being disabled to any extent can be traumatic to say the least. HMHB accepted you into the problem at all levels of disability. The biggest part of the program is not how well you improve your strength or use of body parts. What the program does is show you that you are WORTH something. Somebody cares. You are in a program where other comrades are meeting their challenges and setting new goals to achieve. This brotherhood gives each other the strength to move forward knowing that you are not alone, ever! HMHB is the catalyst that draws us together as a team and as a team we are unbeatable in any challenge.

Mike Masello
Vietnam Veteran

My fitness goals are to be healthier, look better and to be a great representation for the HM /HB program :)

My participation has motivated me to strive and work even harder to reach my fitness goals and be better able to represent HM /HB to the various fitness centers whom support or will be supporting our program as well as to provide inspiration and motivation for my fellow veterans in the hopes of helping them as much as it has helped me! I’ve also met and networked with some amazing programs which serve disabled veterans.

Wes Perkins
USMC 1989 -1992

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