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For Facilities

Serve Veterans in Your Community!

Give Back to Those Who Defend Our Freedom

  • Educate facility staff on veteran culture
  • Provide veteran friendly environment
  • Be mindful of various injuries and illnesses many veterans endure
  • Offer veteran programming
  • Offer veteran and military membership discounts
  • Uphold the standard of quality they deserve

Lead with Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies!

Serve Injured Veterans

  • Provide a nationally proven program for serving injured and ill veterans
  • Establish a leadership role in the community for veteran programming
  • Develop a loyal customer base that advertises for you
  • Equipment discounts
  • Higher quality of staff through educational seminars and workshops
  • Discounted CEC/CEU opportunities offered through AllenForce
  • Has established the high standard veterans deserve

What is Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies?

  • Free health and fitness program for injured and ill veterans
  • Serves all eras and all branches of the US Armed Forces
  • 2, 1 year memberships
  • Up to 15 hours personal training sessions
  • Monthly Networking Events
  • Licensed, Trademarked program of AllenForce

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Facilities Testimonials

The Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies program has been very inspirational to our employees and to our members here at Club Fitness. Everyone enjoys helping our veterans, especially those that have been injured as a result of their experiences. When we piloted this program, we knew that we expected to help the veterans with their rehabilitation. What we didn't expect was that we would develop relationships, change lives, and open new doors. Many of the participants have improved their psychological fitness as well as their physical fitness. Mentally and physically, many became new people...and they owe it to this program. As a result, the participants have become great ambassadors. They promote the program to other veterans and to the general public. They also volunteer their time in order to give back. This program has led to a partnership with DeVry military students as well as other opportunities. On a daily basis, our staff and members see the positive effects of this program. This prompts us to work harder in our daily lives. This is a great program and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Greg Vitale, CPRP
Manager of Fitness Center Operations

We at the Dundee Township Park District have been delighted to offer our facilities and services to the veterans who come to us through the HMHB program.

This is a very difficult group to reach through our traditional programs and services. HMHB brings these veterans to us in a comfortable and accommodating fashion that gives the individual ownership over the ability to improve their health and enhance their quality of life. They are gaining knowledge, skills and disciplines that they will use for the rest of their lives, and we are glad to be a part of it.

I personally have observed HMHB in action and I am gratified to see these individuals who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, taking advantage of Park District facilities and services. The physical, social and psychological benefits that they can achieve are endless. This is why we exist as a Park District, HMHB helps us to fulfill our mission.

Tom Mammoser
Executive Director
Dundee Township Park District

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